Workplace Habits that can get You Fired

Workplace activity

Workplace activity

All of us have habits that we are not proud of. And these are totally not acceptable in a workplace and might even cost you your job. So, we bring you a list of habits or behavioral issues you might want to reconsider:

1) Late for everything: Whether its showing up late for work or submitting your reports late, you are totally getting fired being late. Don’t give yourself the false idea that last minute work is your best work. Last minute preparation doesn’t give results, just tension and anger. It just reflects your slackness and carefree attitude and that’s not something to be proud of. There are some dos and don’ts at workplace and being behindhand definitely comes under don’ts.

2) Spreading rumors: As fun it might seem, gossiping at workplace crosses the line when it becomes personal. In one way or another, you will suffer the consequences of your mistakes. In this case you might even get fired. If some delicate information is leaked and you turn out to be the villain, well then your future won’t be given a second thought.

3) Tantrums: You need to maintain a professional behavior at workplace and cannot throw tantrums like a child. Temper tantrum are not well received by your co-workers and eventually makes them avoid you. These tantrums reflect your improper reaction under pressure and simply make you unsuitable for the job. To control your outbursts, mediation can be quite helpful or simply take three deep breaths before you react to something violently. If that is not helping you can always consult a therapist.

4) Pessimism: Having a pessimistic attitude can be huge turn-off for a lot of people and can eventually result in low productivity. And when the time come, letting you go won’t be so difficult for them. So, how do you reduce negativity? Well for starters, start responding to thing with “Yes I’ll get the job done” or “Let’s give it try”. Try to be as positive as possible about everything. Instead of expecting the worst, root for the best.

5) Swearing and lying: None of them are accepted as professional and would only get you to one place, that is, HR’s office. Swearing would show that you cannot handle stress and are simply not fit for a job under pressure. And lying on the other might save you for a while but it won’t take karma long to strike back.

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