About Us

About ME

I am a 26 year old software engineer who currently lives in Las Vegas, NV.

I studied Mathematics and Computer Science as an undergrad, yet I have always had an interest in personal finance, investing in the stock market, and additional ways to make income on the side. I have successfully started 2 side business ventures with friends, including working with my younger brother on a very successful venture, while working full time as a software engineer!

One of my financial goals is to become a millionaire before I am 33; a goal that I am working on every day. This is partially being done by promotions/getting ahead at work, and mostly by making very savvy investments while utilizing my savings productively.

My goals in starting this site were to address issues in personal finance that I have dealt with in the past and help others gain insight from my ideas and decisions. I also wanted a productive way to monitor my journey to financial success and a platform to discuss my financial decisions.

I look forward to posting and debating with everyone and seeing what others have to say about my ideas. Please note that I am not a licensed investor.

– David