A Simple Guide to Video Advertisements

Video ad

Video ad

Research shows that video advertisements are more appealing to the audiences as compared to every other medium of marketing. Most marketers feel that the investment returns are the highest for video advertisements. So how do you create a perfect video for your customers, giving them a more engaging experience, than with just plain text or images? Here are some tips you could use to create a video that grabs eyeballs:

  • The first step is to establish the motive and the target audience of your video – What all do you want your customers to know about your product and who do you want to be affected the most with this video? After you have outline the objectives, you have to determine the type of video you wish to showcase – whether you want a brand awareness video, a short documentary, a leadership video, a video explaining the product, a video giving testimonials of happy customers who have been using your product or a video announcing an offer.
  • Have you ever clicked on the skip button when an ad blocks your YouTube video? Well, most people click away from the video within the first 10 seconds. So, the key is to make the first 10 seconds so interesting that people actually watch the entire video to know more about your brand and product.
  • Don’t let the video be more than 2 minutes. No one can watch longer videos.
  • For any sort of marketing, it is very important to be aware of the needs and wants of your customers. It is also important to keep yourself informed about what your competitors have to offer and how your product is better than theirs. Your focus should be on the value of your product that you are offering to them, rather than on the sales. Quality always converts into sales later on.
  • You video should NOT be boring at all. Involve a fun way to introduce your brand and product. You can make use of animations, cartoons, motion graphics, screen casts or even white boards if you want to shift a little away from the common videos.
  • After all this, you now have to decide where your video will be projected – your websites, your Facebook page, YouTube Advertisements or TV. This again depends upon your target audience and which media they use the most.
  • You may also want to analyze how your advertisement has been performing – cost per clicks, comments, feedbacks, likes, shares and subscribers, target rating points, etc are some parameters you can check upon.

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