3 Tips to Make Sure Your Webpage is Mobile Friendly

Mobile website

Mobile website

It was years ago that people used desktops or even laptops to surf the internet or research online or make online purchases. Those days are long gone, and these days no one opens their laptops, let alone desktop systems to use the internet. Everything, from online shopping to sending and receiving emails, everything can be done on the mobile. And, call it laziness, but most people prefer to use websites that are easily accessible on the phone itself.

So, businesses these days are left with no option but to make sure that their websites are mobile savvy. If you want your business website to get noticed, score some valuable leads and make profitable sales, you need to make you’re the website doesn’t lose its seamlessness and smoothness on the latest smartphones. Here are some tips and strategies to make sure your website scores well on smartphones as well. Read along to make your websites smart:

(1) The layout of your websites should be responsive, for which you have to employ a responsive technology framework, to make sure your website display is comfortable on any device and its screen size. A lot of open source technology frameworks are available these days, and you could make your choice as per your convenience. A responsive framework allows your website to shift the grids as per the size of screen of access. So, the users will have a great viewing experience whether they are using a tablet or a laptop. Another benefit of using a responsive framework is that you don’t have to use a separate URL for your mobile website or get stressed about what to post based on specific gadgets.

(2) Make sure your users don’t have to zoom in too view your webpage or choose some option. So, your website should be such that can be accessed through thumb clicking. Your text and graphics should be adequately optimized for users of smartphones.

(3) Your mobile webpage shouldn’t be too cluttered. The layout should be clean. Texts, pictures, graphics and buttons should not be a placed in a messy fashion. Because, most viewers spend less than minute on a webpage, and instead of making their experience worthy of their time, if they get frustrated of the mess, you’ll lose some very potential clients. They should be able to identify what they need, and scroll through easily. Readability is another important factor.

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