5 Negotiation Tips for Introverts

negotiation tips

Being an introvert does affect a person’s ability to perform successful negotiations. Introverts are people who get energized by being in solitude. They avoid situations where they may have to be the enter of attention. But introverts also have some powerful skills that the extroverts envy. 

negotiation tips

Here are the 5 negotiation tips for introverts that you can use in a business situation like a job interview or a sales deal.

1. Ask open-ended questions

As an introvert, you can sometimes get boxed-in in the other person’s questions. This may make you give straight answers and give out information that may be valuable to you. In such a situation, take a step back and ask an open-ended question to the person you are negotiating with. Try to understand where they are coming from and what their inners beliefs or motivations are.

2. Research and be fully prepared

Facts and data are introverts biggest allies and can help them negotiate better in pressure situations. Always do your homework and be prepared for whatever situation you may have to face. You can prepare for a negotiation meeting by going through the documents and taking notes in a notepad. By having more knowledge than your opponent, you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim or getting ripped off.

3. Pause and take your time

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”  Stephen R. Covey

During a negotiation, you are under no obligation to provide spontaneous answers to the person you are negotiating with. You are free to take your time and provide well-thought answers. Knowing that you are an introvert, other people may try to throw you off the wagon and make you lose your cool. Remember to take deep breaths and always respond politely with respect for other people.

4. Go for the close early

In negotiations, sometimes it’s just best to directly go for what you want without having detailed discussions. For instance, in a job interview, asking for the salary you deserve before even the interview has begun will set the right rhythm for the interview. You can use email or websites like LinkedIn to let the recruiter know your salary expectations beforehand.

5. Offer win-win solutions

According to Stephen R. Covey, thinking win-win is one of the habits of highly effective people. It’s always in your best interest to let the other person win as well. Create situations that are win-win. That means, make an offer by understanding the needs and wants of other people. Also, make sure your own needs are met. You can do this by being honest about your intentions and seek people who also have the same values as yours.


Being an introverted man or a woman can make you feel inferior in certain situations. But there are many pros of being a silent and reserved person. An introvert has the clarity of thinking and a sound mind that are essential to do well in business negotiations.

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