Inexpensive Anniversary Ideas for this Summer

Spending quality time with your partner on the anniversary date is a way to solidify and strengthen your relationship. You must already be aware of some of the traditional ways in which couples spend their anniversary together. If you are lucky to have your anniversary date in the summer, you can get creative and do something memorable.

Here are the 8 inexpensive anniversary ideas for this summer

1. See a live standup comedy act together

Laughing it out together at a live standing comedy act is one of the best ways to spend your anniversary. It’s cultural to take your date for a stand-up comedy event. So, you are likely to meet other couples at the event as well. Instead of giving a traditional and boring gift, you are giving your partner and experience of a lifetime.

2. Camping

Nothing is as inexpensive as going out in nature and spending time under the open sky. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on hotel bills. Your partner will appreciate your audacity to plan such adventurous anniversary date.

3. Visit the spot you two first met

Visiting the location where you spend your first seconds, minutes, or hours together can bring back a lot of memories and make your anniversary a special one. It is inexpensive yet meaningful.

4. Unwind and relax in a spa

Everyone needs a relaxing massage one in a while. What better time to gift someone a message than your anniversary day. Spas offer discount coupons for couples all the time. Make sure you book an appointment way before the anniversary date.

5. Binge-watch your favorite TV show

Watching your favorite TV show with your loved ones is priceless. Order some delicious food and enjoy your anniversary date in the comfort of your home. An anniversary date in a fancy restaurant is a thing of the past.

6. Go out for a coffee date

coffee date

This is a simple but time-tested anniversary date idea for unmarried couples. Every city has a coffee shop where couples congregate to spend time together. Moreover, having a coffee is even cheaper than going out camping. You get the same quiet and intimate experience without needing to travel.

7. Hiking

This activity is getting very popular and more couples are realizing how important it is to spend time in nature together. You can walk on unexplored trails and have adventurous experiences that you never had before. Hiking also builds team spirit and solidarity in couples.

8. Volunteer to do something kind to someone in need


Helping someone in need is one of the best anniversary ideas you can indulge in this summer. There are some charity organizations that let you volunteer in their events. If you are into animals, you can work for the national park by signing up for their Volunteers-In-Parks program. Some of the positions do require specific skills but you will find generic work as well.


Don’t be one of those people who save money on everything only to blow it off on a vacation or a date. An anniversary is another event and you should do proper budgeting to make sure you don’t overspend.