5 Ways to Make Money Playing Video Games

Video game

The video game market is expected to be worth over 90 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.[1] Your decision to become a professional gamer can make you a millionaire by the year 2020. The gaming industry is booming and there is a scarcity of new and upcoming gamers who have business and entrepreneurship skills. So, learn how to monetize your skill and earn some serious money while doing something you love.

Here are 5 ways to make money playing video games.

1) Create a gaming channel on YouTube

Gaming Channel

There are millions of people worldwide who are making a living with YouTube. Gaming is one of the most competitive and highly paid niches on YouTube. Follow channels like PewDiePie and jacksepticeye to get inspired to create authentic and fun gaming videos. These YouTubers record their computer screen while they enjoy their video games. They monetize their channels with ads and affiliate marketing.

2) Livestream your videos on Twitch


Twitch TV lets you stream your gaming videos live for free. It has a great audience base so getting people to watch your games is not that difficult. The gamers community is rapidly growing on Twitch TV, so this is the right time to get yourself involved in it. Build a following and earn decent money doing what you love. But, I have to say that it will take a few months before you earn your first dollar on Twitch TV. There are many gamers wanting to earn money but only the interesting ones succeed.

3) Sell in-game items

Steam Community Market is an online platform which lets gamers sell in-game items. In-game items are valuable collectibles won by the players in the game. These can be sold and bought on the Steam Community Market website. But, Steam Community Market takes a 10 percent commission from the sellers.

4) Become a game tester

Now you can make money playing video games by becoming a quality assurance tester for video game companies. Being a game tester is not an easy job. You have to test games that you may not like to play and find bugs and issues that the developer cannot find. The money is also not that great. You can earn $10-$20 dollars per hour working as an online game tester.

5) Blogging

Gaming is a multi-million dollar industry. There are millions of people worldwide who love to play video games on their computers, mobile phones, and gaming consoles. This is the perfect time to start your own gaming blog for information-hungry gamers. You can write installation steps, game reviews, how-to posts on your blog. Monetization is quite simple. Use ads and share affiliate links to gaming accessories like remote control, gamer gloves, keypad, racing wheel, etc.


Don’t be like most gamers. Don’t just play video games just for your own entertainment without thinking about the financial side of it. Use any of the above-mentioned monetization methods and make money playing video games.

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