5 Things To Do Before a Job Interview


Job interviews can be stressful for many of us. Even the idea of having to submit to being scrutinized can be terrifying. One thing that has always helped me is to remember they are people as well. Don’t think of your interview as you talking to a company, see it as it is, it is a person you are talking to.


When the experience feels more humanized, it becomes easier to actually go through with it. Our nerves are the worst part of the process, once the anxiety and nervousness settles, it isn’t that bad. Here are some of the basic things you need to work on before you go to an interview.

  • Know about the company and industry

There can be questions about the company, and it’s position in the industry, the competition, and what new things can the company do. At questions like these, it is not helpful to draw a blank. Researching the company and its industry before going to the interview is always a good idea.

  • Use the “Tell me about yourself” questions to their fullest

This is as commonly asked question as it possibly can be. It is used to break the ice and also to get some idea about the employee as a person that would not be there on the resume. Use this to sell yourself, without even mentioning your credentials, your attitude and your outlook on things can turn the interviewer in your favor before even the main part of the interview begins.

  • Hone your strengths and selling points

Every interview you go to will have questions regarding your strength and why you would be the best fit for that particular company. It is a good idea to have 3-5 of your best skills prepared with examples that show you are actually good at it. You have to show the company that you are going to add value to them.

  • Prepare some questions for the interviewer

Most interviewers will ask you if you have questions for them at the end of the interview. Having some insightful questions can only increase your points. This is also where researching the company helps.

  • Carry a copy of your resume to every interview you go to

With the online world, some companies don’t ask you to carry your resume, but most still do. If the interviewer has misplaced their copy it’s good to have one on you, or if they ask you to submit one, then it is much preferable to hand over a copy than to say you don’t have it. It shows a lack of preparation.

You can do everything right, but there still is a chance that you might not be selected. Don’t take it hard. The important thing is to not give up. Sometimes you might not be right for the company, and sometimes the company might not be right for you. Every interview teaches you something, take the lessons and use it for the next time. Learn from your mistakes. Learn to accept that it is for the best if you weren’t selected somewhere because the next place might be the best fit for you. Just don’t give up!

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