The Advantages of Going Through Recruitment Agencies

recruitment agency

When you are out looking for jobs, the process can seem scary and never-ending. Having someone who knows about it more than you do, in your corner, can be of great help, and that is where recruitment agencies come in.

If you don’t know how they can be of help, then I hope this article helps you learn the advantages of going through a recruitment agency.

recruitment agency

More Jobs, Exclusive Offers

Agencies usually have access to job listings before they even hit the market. Many companies, especially big companies, choose recruitment agencies as their source of new employees. 

Recruitment agencies screen the candidates and send only the ones that are suitable for the role. This makes the job of companies easy as they do not have to sift through hundreds of CVs to shortlist candidates, who can or cannot be a great fit in reality.

So, the recruitment agencies are going to have listings of vacancies that you won’t find on any other job portal, meaning you get access to a lot more opportunities, and also the ones that fit your CV well.

Expert Guidance

When you join a recruitment agency, they will help you brush up your CV and also prepare for the interview. You get professional advice and guidance from someone who has been the industry and knows the norms. 

When you sign up with an agency, you are allocated a recruiter. This person will teach you all there is to know about the interviewing process. They will even hold a mock interview for you if you are interested.

They will guide you about what jobs will suit your skills the best, and what kind of positions you should be looking for. They will help you manage your expectations based on your experience and your qualifications.

They Get Paid When You Do

How most agencies work is that they get a commission from the companies. So, you getting the job is important to them too. This can help you rest assured that they are going to try their best to get you a job.

Yes, there are more and more agencies nowadays that take money from the candidates as well. That still depends on you getting the job. So, be sure to do your research before joining a recruitment agency, like you would for a job. 

Final Thoughts

Having that extra support during your job hunt is a great bonus in a highly competitive job market. Because most agencies get paid when you do, they will be as keen on you landing a job as you are. You will get expert guidance and also access to more jobs than the ones already on the market.

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