Tips and Tricks on How to Ace Your Next Job Interview


You submitted your CV to the company you really want to work for, and they were impressed enough by it to call you in for an interview – this is the ideal scenario. How you perform at the interview will now determine whether you can have that job you want or not. 

It’s easy to succumb to the nerves and overwork yourself to prepare for the interview, and it’s even easier to let the call get to your head. Assuming that your CV is getting shortlisted means you’re a shoo-in and show up underprepared in front of your interviewers. 

Performing well at the job interview is essential, and in order to do that, you have to strike a balance between being well prepared, composed, and calm to make just the right impression for you to get hired. 

Acing a job interview may seem like a daunting, nigh impossible task, but it actually doesn’t require a herculean effort. When you made it through business school, you already acquired all the skills you’ll need to land the job of your dreams. I just want to help you capitalize on those skills to make the right impression so that you’re hired. 

Research, Research, and More Research

One major sign of a valuable employee is one who knows the worth of their employer. Doing some research on the company, its background, and state of its current affairs can help you in a lot of ways. 

It will show your interviewers that you have a genuine interest in the company and how it functions. It will also help you frame pertinent answers to any of their questions. 

Moreover, your updated knowledge of the company tells your interviewers that you’re a practical candidate who does their homework. It makes a great impression and can only increase your chances of getting hired.

Think Before You Speak

One major blunder a lot of graduates are prone to making is reciting their CVs to their interviewers almost ad verbatim. Keep in mind that your interviewers already have a copy of your CV right in front of them, and don’t need you to repeat the information that’s within it. 

When they ask you about your previous experiences in the industry, they want to hear your account of the experience. Speaking concisely and smartly about your previous positions will ensure that your interviewers are impressed with you.

Never Pass Up an Opportunity to Express Your Interest in the Company

Apart from researching the company thoroughly, it’s almost important to show your interviewers that you have an actual interest in having a future with the company. 

Use your knowledge of the company to frame intelligent questions about your position, the office, and the workings of the company and be prepared long before you walk into that interview. 

Final Thoughts

Researching and being prepared is important to boost your confidence. When you feel like you are ready, it becomes easy. Do things to put yourself at ease, so that you can be the best version of yourself.

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