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How do Recruitment Agencies Work?


Having the best CV, an engaging cover letter, and an awesome list of experiences means nothing if you can’t bag an interview. Looking for jobs is a serious job in itself. It requires you to spend a lot of time and energy.

Recruitment agencies are the answer if you do not want to be knocking every door blindly. Recruitment agencies work as middlemen and help you connect with the right employer with you. You don’t have to apply for roles in bulk in hopes of getting an interview or two. These agencies will match you with the exact profile that fits your qualifications and experiences.

Recruitment agencies sound scary to many, but they make the process much easier. It doesn’t matter if you are a fresher or a senior professional looking for a job. The agencies even help the candidates optimize their CVs and also coach them for interviews.

Why Do Recruitment Agencies Exist?

The goal or the reason for the existence of these agencies is to help companies fill their vacancies. Having an agency that can bring them a list of potential candidates saves time and resources for a company. Having an agency that has a pool of opportunities that can be matched to your profile saves time and energy for the job hunter, that is, you.

Big companies, multi-nationals get hundreds of applications. They do not have time to sort through these CVs. They need to find options that are better suited for the jobs they have on the market. The agencies help them filter out the CVs and bring them the candidates that would be well-suited to the role and the company culture. This also helps when hiring in huge numbers.

The company usually gets in contact with the recruitment agencies and send out news about the open roles. The agency then chooses the candidate from their database and arranges for the interview.

The company saves time by getting only top quality and suitable candidates to filter through, and at the same time, the candidates have a better chance of getting hitched with a big company through the agency’s connections.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, recruitment agencies act as the middleman between companies and candidates. They basically engage in matchmaking the right job profile to the right candidate profile. 

Whenever a job opens in a company, the recruitment agency is notified. They check their database to get the list of the candidates that suit the job the best and arrange an interview with the candidate. This reduces the effort from the company side as well as the candidate side. 

Usually, the recruitment agencies get a cut from the companies, but some take a cut from the candidate as well.

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