The Solution To Expenses

What happens when we can’t pay our bills!


As we all know, there are many expenses in the world. There are heating/AC, electricity, gas, entertainment, rent, medical bills… and most importantly FOOD expenses!!!

average amount spent on groceries for one person per month

According to this table from, the average cost for groceries per month is around $290.00. That is a lot of money considering that there is a lot more money required to pay for other bills. That is why many people are going into debt, and as a result can not afford to pay for transportation or even medical help. Many can’t afford to pay for college tuition, family expenses, and can not put any money into investment funds, because they are living from check to check even if they need to work two jobs or possibly more.


The best way to solve this financial issue is to use coupons from the store. I added up the money I saved from my monthly bills, and I saved over $1000.00 because of coupons. That is considerable. Even though you might think that grocery stores are just trying to profit, that is not the only case, I know for a fact that my neighborhood GIANT gives coupons every day. They really help not only on groceries, but also on other expenses.

Stores Working Together

Now, grocery stores have agreed to work with other companies to help people afford other things/necessities including gas, car washes, and even pharmaceutical discounts.

What We Can Do

My hope is that everyone who is having financial trouble should try to use coupons for hep. Even though it is time consuming, every penny counts.




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