Every Penny Counts


Have you ever wondered how much money is in circulation today?

The answer according to one source is about $58.9 TRILLION Dollars. That’s a lot of money.

Also, the US prints about 85 billion dollars each month according to another source. This is 45 billion dollars more than what was printed last year per month in the US.

Don’t Think That It’s a Joke!

The money in circulation is no joke. Every penny could be used to pay for important necessities. The money is not worth being wasted on junk that will not be used in ten years from now.

This is precisely why every penny counts.

What a Penny Can Do

One penny can go to education for a Somalian child, or a fund to help kids with cancer, or assisting a man to raise money for a marathon…

Everything is worth something, including a penny. You might think that a penny is worth close to nothing, but if everyone in the world gave a penny, then there would be more than 7 billion pennies floating around. That’s 7 million dollars. Enough to pay for ore than 7 round trips to the moon. Imagine what life could be like if everyone in the world pitched in.

What We Can Do

I hope that everyone thinks about this, and passes this down to many others.


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4 Responses

    1. No Kidding.
      There will also be money around; however, remember that there is inflation and deflation that play a huge role in the printing of money.
      Also, at one point humans will get tired of paper currency, because it is too much of a hassle.
      Maybe in the future will have electronic currency.
      That would be cool.
      Any entrepreneurs want to go out there and patent my idea.
      It’s up for grabs, just give me 20% of the profit (just kidding).

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