Summer Adventure Program

My Goal

This upcoming summer, I am planning on attending a summer program that travels across the world. I have never been on a trip across the world, but I have heard that trips like these are once in a life time opportunities that are usually never forgotten. My hope is that I will have this kid of an experience.

The Obstacles

However, now that times are tough economically, it is extremely difficult to afford this great trip.

The Process of Saving Up

Nevertheless, I will describe some of the ways that I have been trying to afford the trip.

1) First of all, I have been doing my regular daily job, as well as a side job. The money helps, but I need to afford rent and food on top of the cost of the trip.

2) Next, I have asked for grants from certain organization that fund trips across the world. I have heard from only one organization so far, and they were willing to chip in for part of the trip. This indeed helped.

My Hope

I know that at one point I will get the amount that I need, and I hope that it was worth the hassle of saving up for the trip.

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