You Only Live Once (YOLO)


Guess What, people!!!

The Cycle Of Life

No one is immortal, and no one can live forever. This is because we were created to live for a shortened period of time. The cycle of life is confusing, but we should still apply it to our awareness that we only live once.

What We Want

Now, to connect this to the financial aspect. Because we only live once, and life is so short that we can’t enjoy everything so well, we should be happy to buy the things that we want. We shouldn’t be afraid to be cheapskates, because a lot of the things sold in stores are junk.


However, because times are tough, it is alright to not worry so much about buying the latest gadgets, because there are more important expenses. We should be able to buy the newest things, and enjoy them. But don’t get too caught up in the expenses.

Enjoy Life

Even still, we should try our best to save up on the things that we want!!!


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14 Responses

  1. My 14 year old cringes whenever I say the term YOLO. Apparently “Old people” aren’t supposed to use that term. LOL. I do agree with it up to a point….that point being it has to a.) fit in the budget b.) bring value to my life.

  2. The way I interpret YOLO (financially, anyway), is to avoid spending money on crap – stuff doesn’t matter, and you can’t take it with you. Experiences matter, so we try to save up for experiences. We have a honeymoon booked for next year, and it’s going to be expensive but worth it.

    1. I completely concur.
      We only live once, and we should enjoy the world that was created by going on once in a life time trips.
      Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom, and thanks for stopping by!
      Happy Holidays!

  3. I agree completely with your last line. We should all save up before buying things we want. Too many people go into debt buying what they want, so they end up paying a lot more for the item than if they had saved. That, then, often precludes them from buying other things they want.

    1. Definitely. In the long run, people can save so much money if they waited before buying the newly released product, because the prices will sooner or later decrease. I just don’t understand people who sleep in front of stores to be the first buyers, they might as well wait for a better price, and save up some money. Then, they wouldn’t be in debt, instead they would kill two birds with one stone by getting a discounted price, and more money in their account (that is if they work).

  4. I have a few yolos around who don’t understand they’ll pay for that stuff for some time after they stopped enjoying it, and wonder why I don’t need to work that much when they need 60 hour per week to pay for their lifestyle. To each their own, I’d rather live simply and have more time instead.

  5. The way an average teenager and early twenties use and interpret this phrase is much different to late twenties and older in my opinion (perhaps even older people who still haven’t really matured so much yet!) in my experience.

    One day they’ll really understand what it realy means… and it wasn’t the original meaning they thought of.

    1. Yes!
      It is all a process of maturing, and once they determine that they won’t be living forever, then they will be able to explain the true meaning of YOLO.
      By the way, what does it mean to you guys???

      1. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of what most youngsters are using for. Some examples would be easiest to explain:

        “Just bought an expensive handbag #yolo”
        I would say save that money to buy yourself time. So you can spend your days doing as you wish rather than in some crappy job to pay for your bags.

        “Got wasted again last night. Now having a MacDonald’s breakfast to ease off the hangover #yolo”
        Whilst not against getting wasted per se I think again the term yolo is not appropriate here. You only get one life, one body. Why are you boasting about f**king it up, and using yolo as the (extremely weak) argument for doing so.

        At the end of the day people can interpret and use a phrase how they wish but this particular one annoys me a lot as I think it is used mostly in this nonsensical way. I don’t really know anyone over 30 who would actually use this phrase unless they were being ironic 🙂

        From what it sounds like you are mature beyond your years, in the good sense of course, so please don’t think I’m lumping you in with those I’ve described above! Keep on doing what your doing mate!

        1. Thanks a lot, pal. I really appreciate the comforting words, and you are definitely right on with your interpretation of YOLO!!!
          I hope that that term will rarely ever be used, and I wish that people can be more mature, and say more insightful things, and not just base their decisions off of living only once, and so give the best of that they can give. Instead, use your brain, and try to think outside of the box in a more mature person’s mind!
          Thanks again for stopping by, and keep in touch in the blogs!!!

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