You Only Live Once (YOLO)


Guess What, people!!!

The Cycle Of Life

No one is immortal, and no one can live forever. This is because we were created to live for a shortened period of time. The cycle of life is confusing, but we should still apply it to our awareness that we only live once.

What We Want

Now, to connect this to the financial aspect. Because we only live once, and life is so short that we can’t enjoy everything so well, we should be happy to buy the things that we want. We shouldn’t be afraid to be cheapskates, because a lot of the things sold in stores are junk.


However, because times are tough, it is alright to not worry so much about buying the latest gadgets, because there are more important expenses. We should be able to buy the newest things, and enjoy them. But don’t get too caught up in the expenses.

Enjoy Life

Even still, we should try our best to save up on the things that we want!!!



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