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Humans Vs Technology – Is There a Clear Winner in This Battle for Supremacy?

Human vs Technology

Human vs Technology

Technology has been improving around the world at a much faster pace. Since the time industrial revolution started, technological advancement increased rapidly, with humans becoming more and more dependent on machines and technology to get their work done. As the technology grew, the type of jobs that humans do also changed. Decade after decade things changed and so does the lifestyle of the people. Humans have always desired to make things easier for them and make their life more luxurious and relaxing.

With continuous improvement humans have now come to a point where technological advancement like machine learning and automation are about to take up jobs that were only there under the domains of human capability. Self driving cars and other vehicles poses the threat of rendering so many people unemployed. However there are many experts who are of the view that automation and machine learning would actually lead to creation of jobs in the global economy. It is however the skill set required that are going to change in the future. This is not the first time that humans are witnessing a change. If we look back in history, there have been many instances when technology tries to go beyond humans but humans have always been successful to find way to adapt themselves to the changes surrounding them.

The flexibility of the humans to adapt themselves quickly has marked them supreme over technology in many instances. However what is seen most commonly is a striking balance between the two is something that is still driving scientist and researchers around the world to keep on going for technological advancement and bring in as many scientific discoveries and inventions as possible.

Today the internet of things which is a network of interconnected devices has become a break-through technology. However it does requires human instructions for performing its job. Similarly robotics and automation may take up laborious and cumbersome jobs, but human workforce will now be left with more quality time to do other fruitful and productive work. This would increase the overall efficiency and performance of the organization and will lead to better management of resources. It will make things easier for humans and would surely create jobs for them that would be different from the current ones. However humans know very well how to deal with such changes from their past experiences. Hence, it’s the right balance between the two that has always been maintained and will be hopefully so in the future too.

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