How To Survive A Long Season Of Entertaining


When you live in a place like Canada, where winter last eight months out of the year, summer is a big deal. You don’t want to let a single sunny day go to waste, which is you’ve booked up every weekend from Canada Day to Labour Day. Sadly, your generosity has consequences in the form of bills. Though every BBQ, dinner party, and backyard picnic helps you celebrate the heat, these events can hit your budget hard when you’re expected to host every time. If you want to survive a long season of entertaining friends and family, you should check in with these practical hosting tips. They can help you host with the most without breaking your budget.


Order party essentials by function

If you aren’t careful, you can let your role as host get to your head. Before you know it, you aren’t just making sure you have enough food and drinks for your guest, but you’re also filling your cart with decorations, new dinnerware, and landscaping details. While these can boost any get-together, they aren’t essential details.

Spend some time ranking your to-do list, prioritizing those items that serve an essential function. While food and drinks deserve to be at the top, a brand new outdoor sound system or gazebo is at the bottom. Only consider these party extras when you’ve paid for the essentials. Find out what they cost by doing some research online to see if these additions are something your budget can afford.

Make a dedicated host fund

It doesn’t matter how short your to-do list ends up being. Even a basic get-together can strain your finances. If you’re hosting every major holiday, plus any excuse to enjoy the weather, entertaining friends and family can push you over the limit. Protect your budget by starting a dedicated host fund that you contribute to regularly. Nerd Wallet’s money-saving guide can help you find extra savings in your budget to cover the cost of entertaining.

Be a fixer

Even with a savings fund and a list of priorities, you can still go over budget. Unexpected mishaps can happen whenever you welcome guests into your home, even when they’re close friends and family. Uncle John might break half of your plates when he offers to help clean up, or your youngest cousin may break your newest patio chair while wrestling his brother.

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Clumsy family members and your commitment to hospitality can make it difficult to host on a budget—but not impossible. If you remember these tips to help plan your next get-together, you’ll find it easier to host without going broke.

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