What is Making Bloggers so Preferred these Days?



You must have heard that social media marketing is getting viral these days. But, do you know that it is essentially top bloggers who are dominating the scene. This related to note only those who are active fashion bloggers on WordPress and Instagram but also writer, tech bloggers and others who have a huge fan base in their sector. Yes, this is the fan base that makes them so desired by top companies. To site another example of a recent promotion stunt would be the strategy employed by OnePlus. What they did was that they sent their products to all top Tv stars and bloggers who in turn posted pictures with the products on their social media handles. This helped the company to spread awareness amongst the masses about their products as well as get celebrity endorsement ticked off their marketing list.

So, what other factors actually make bloggers so preferred these day? Read ahead now. As you know, most of the target these days is the youth. Top companies want the young generation to be buyers. This doesn’t mean that the elderly are left out, but newspaper and television commercials are still the better way to reach out to them. On the contrary, the youth has now gone online. The cyber world attracts them the most where they can form relationships, make friends, spend time to play games, study at times and also watch shows or shop online. You name is and the service is available on the worldwide web and innumerable applications. Thus, since the cyber world is where these bloggers enjoy attention and traffic on their pages, they are highly preferred.

In fact, previously, a blog meant that you would have to maintain a particular page. However, it is no longer so. The scene has totally changed and influencers are emerging on applications such as Instagram as Musical.ly as well, in fact, the latter has been the subject of a lot of memes and this has only added to the promotion of the app. In fact, you’d be surprised to know that top musers are also approached for blogging and influencing these days. What’s surprising is how this had rapidly become a trend now. A few days back, a young man named Sanket Mehta made a world record of making the most number of Musical.ly videos in a span of two minutes. Now, that itself is clear enough to let you know how powerful and impactful these bloggers are.

Also, bloggers work in two ways. They either do paid promotion or engage in a barter system where you send them products and they post about it. Thus, though this may seem like an investment, it was way lesser than what a TV star or film industry celebrity would charge. Thus, it is like hitting several targets with the same arrow off your quiver. This is what makes bloggers highly desired and sought after these days b y top brands as well as small scale enterprises.

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