HealthIQ Helps Individuals With Special Needs Get Life Insurance

Life insurance

Life insurance

Whether you are a person with special needs or care for someone who does, you may have thought that life insurance wasn’t an option. Although it may be harder to get life insurance for someone with a disability, it’s not impossible — and doing so can have major benefits.

HealthIQ is here to help everyone get the best possible rates on life insurance. No matter what pre-existing conditions you may have, you can still work to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and every step in that direction can benefit your physical condition as well as your wallet. For more information on the factors that help us reduce your rates, visit HealthIQ’s life insurance page and our in-depth FAQ. We know that no two people will have the same special needs, priorities, and health status.

We have developed a quiz about life insurance for individuals with special needs. When you take this quick quiz, chances are you will learn something new that will inspire you to look into this opportunity. You might also be surprised at how much you already know!

HealthIQ is a life insurance agency with a unique approach. We work with nationally well-known insurers such as Assurity, Transamerica, Mutual of Omaha, and Prudential. In fact, our company has been featured on media outlets including Forbes, CNBC, and Venture Beat to name a few. Just scoring at the elite level on our quiz can qualify you for a 4 percent savings on a life insurance policy. Can we save you even more?

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