5 Apps to Make Free International Calls

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Now there is a way to completely bypass your cellular company. Gone are days when you had to pay a hefty amount on international voice and video calls. With VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, you can male phone calls via the internet.

To use VoIP on your phone, all you have to do is download a free VoIP software from the marketplace. Many phone companies have also started to offer a VoIP service to their existing users. Although, they charge money after a certain limit.

Here are the apps to make free international calls. You don’t have to pay a penny to talk to your loved ones in your native country.

1. Rebtel

Rebtel lets you call your loved ones in another country for free. The interesting thing about Rebtel’s service is, the call goes through even without an internet or a WIFI connection. Rebtel connects your phone to a local number that you can use to connect for free. For instance, if you are in the United States and want to call someone in Cuba, Rebtel will use a local Cuban number to connect you with your loved ones.

2. Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger uses the popular VoIP service and lets you make a free phone call anywhere in the world. There two conditions: Both the caller and the receiver should have internet and the Facebook Messenger(logged in with a free Facebook account) app on their phone. I have personally used this service to make phone calls in other countries. The voice quality is fantastic and you can talk as long as you want. No restrictions.

3. Viber

Want to make your free international chats interesting?

Viber is an electronic commerce company recently bought by Japanese eCommerce giant Rakuten. With the Viber app on your phone, you can make free and secure phone calls to anyone and anywhere in the world. It too works on VoIP technology. Hence, you and the person receiving the call should have the latest version of Viber installed on the phone. Also, you both need a good internet connection. For those who like to text, Viber has an array of Expressive stickers which makes texting a pleasure.

4. WhatsApp

My list of “apps to make free international calls” would be incomplete withoutWhatsApp in it. Since Facebook took over this free messaging app in 2014, it has reached heights that no other free messaging app has dared to go. Make free voice and video calls, send texts and also send documents up to 100 MB.

5. IMO

WithIMO, you can also make free voice and video calls with a 2G connection. This can be helpful if you are in a country like India or Thailand where 2G is still in use. IMO can be used literally by any phone or computer on the planet. They have free apps for iPhone and Android. And standalone executable files for Windows and Mac. Once you get your friends and family members to install IMO on their phone, you will be able to share the interesting things you have done so far(while abroad) with the help of a feature called “Story”.


I know some apps mentioned above will not work without an internet connection, but you get a free wifi connection easily near a public place like a mall, airport, or a cafe. However, Rebtel works fine without an internet connection. So, you can down 2-3 such apps on your phone and use the best one for a given circumstance.

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