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Are you Going on A Christmas Holiday This Year? Make Sure You are Protected


Christmas season is that time of the year when you curl up and drink hot cocoa, sing Christmas songs and enjoy your family’s company, right? For you, this may mean traveling to wherever your family celebrates the festivities.

Planning a dream holiday is Part of the fun, but traveling for Christmas means you have to take certain measures to keep your property safe. Here are some ways you can enjoy the holidays without having to rush home earlier than you planned to because of a security breach.


Utilize home automation

Home automation is a great way to protect your property while you are away on holiday. Smart devices like smart lightbulbs, smart plugs and motion sensor lights are a good investment for this time of the year. This is because it gives you access to your house lights, electronics and television from anywhere in the world.

Inform a trusted neighbor

If you have a trusted neighbor, inform them of your trip so that they can keep an eye out in case of any suspicious activity on your property and contact the necessary authorities. They can also help by clearing snow from your walkway and by picking up any mail or gift package that is left on your doorstep. This would keep your house looking lived in while you are away and in turn, deter burglars.

Keep your travel plans off social media

Cybersecurity is another aspect you should consider when traveling for Christmas. No matter how exciting your trip promises to be, ensure that you do not post details about where you are traveling to, when you are traveling, who you are leaving or not leaving behind or when you will be returning. This would just give ample information to whoever has ill-intentions for your house. At best, protect your tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts if you must absolutely share them.

Hide the Christmas goodies

Although it is a common practice to stack Christmas gifts by the frosted windows or under the Christmas tree for aesthetics, while traveling for Christmas, it is probably best to hide all the gifts. You do not want to give potential burglars something to be enticed. If the gifts are kept close to the window, it would be easy to break the glass and grab them. No one wants to come home after an incredible trip to find their windows broken and their gifts, stolen.

Inspect your heating equipment and electronic appliances

Before traveling for Christmas, make sure you inspect heating equipment like the furnace and chimney. House fires are often one of the main causes of deaths during holidays and it is important to take necessary measures to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Also, check electronic appliances like Christmas lights, lightbulbs, sockets and extensions. December is considered the deadliest month for electrical fires so protect your home by turning off what needs to be turned off, and if you have kids, make sure you check the entire house after they are seated in the car to avoid any oversights.

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