The Five Ways to Show Love

While this post is not financial related, it does play to living a happy and healthy life which is far more rewarding than any financial post I will ever write about. Please enjoy.

My friend recently showed me this site where you can answer 30-40 questions regarding your personal preferences in terms of what you need from your significant other. In other news ( 😉 ), I recently learned that  there are 5 genres of how couples show their love. It’s important to note that just because couples have different needs in terms of how they want love to be shown to them, does not mean that something is wrong with their relationship. In fact, what this really means is that couples just need to be loved differently and it’s healthy for couples to be aware of what each other’s  “love needs” are.

(Just for clarification, I don’t think these 5 genres of love are only relevant between spouses. I think that parents, siblings, and family should always be aware of how to show and receive love from those they care about.)

The five love languages are:

  1. Physical Touch
  2. Quality Time
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Acts of Service
  5. Words of Affirmation

Click here to discover your love language!

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