Persistence is What Turns You Into a Winner


Who doesn’t want to be a winner? Everyone does!

Everyone should, actually, but does everyone have what it takes to be a winner? When we see a successful person, it is easy to see the success and the process that made that person a success. What we don’t see are the hundreds of ways that didn’t work as opposed to the one that did.


Do you know what they had that kept them going? Persistence! Persistence is what will keep you going, even when everything seems to be crumbling and giving up seems easier. 

We aren’t born with a lot of skills, heck, we don’t even have the basic survival skills, but with time we start learning new things. The ones worth having just to survive are the basic survival basics, they are called basic for they are what the word defines. That is how you win over death, waking up healthy every day is a small victory in itself.

The other skills that we pick up are in order to succeed, in order to achieve goals that we want to, in order to fulfill our dreams. The more you work on yourself and your skills, the more you will learn how to use it. The most important asset you can invest in is yourself. Being a winner is more about a state of mind than anything.

If you don’t have that hunger in you to succeed, then it is easier to give up as soon as life throws the first curveball at you. Dodging, smashing, and learning from whatever comes your way is what will help you reach great heights.

“Persist, persist, and persist” is what you need to know about learning anything in any field. Everything is difficult at first, you have to keep pushing and you will no longer find it difficult. You have to persist in order to achieve what you want. 

We all know that, but what stops us from persisting?

Impatience and restlessness are two of the devils that often stop people to continue working on something. We look for shortcuts and quick results. Anything worth having will need a lot more than sheer luck. Anything worthwhile that will last for years will need a lot more than a quick push of destiny.

Even if you do get something, you will still have to keep working hard to keep it and grow it. It is very easy to lose what you have earned but very difficult to earn it back. Fighting the urge to give up because you can’t see the results yet is important in order to actually see the results.

The one thing you need to master in order to be a winner is the ability to persist no matter what. Success isn’t about the glitters and confetti that come in the end, it is about the walk that made you reach there. Never stop, keep going, you will eventually get what your heart bleeds for.

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