How to Resist Retail Therapy

Money managemnet

One of the best pieces of advice you may hear is to not spend so much money on stuff you don’t need, and instead save whenever you can. This isn’t to say that you can’t splurge on occasion, but don’t make it a habit. Having financial piece of mind can help you for emergencies and when you want to save up for something big, such as paying a house without taking out a mortgage.

Money managemnet

So why do so many people spend money on stuff they don’t need. One reason is because it feels good. Not just because of what you buy, but the act of going to a store and spending it on an item can be satisfying. This is known as retail therapy. Whenever you’re sad, going out and buying something ca feel good. And while it’s okay in moderation, making it a habit is something you should not do.

Here are some ways you can reduce the amount of money you spend.

Make Less Costly Purchases

First, if you’re someone who does like going out on occasion and buying something, why not reduce the amount of money? If you’re someone who likes to buy a video game, why not try to find it for cheaper used or see if you can find a deal? If you’re buying for your kid, look for the best deals, and click for more information.

Reducing the amount of money you spend is a good idea for these occasions and much more.

Have Set Days to Go Out

Don’t go out every day shopping. Instead, have days that are set for you to go out. For example, you can set the weekend as your day of shopping, and only go to stores you know that you won’t spend too much at.

Limit Your Online Purchases

Of course, the brick and mortar line of stores are slowly fading as more people embrace online stores. With online stores, you can get better values, but it’s so much easier for you to spend too much. Make sure you limit them, and have someone else responsible for the online purchases if possible. Perhaps you can have a limit on your card so you don’t end up spending too much.


If you’re having trouble dealing with depression or anxiety, instead of walking around the store, go running at the park or lift some weights. Exercise can get those feel good chemicals in the brain pumping and can help quench your thirst to buy something.

Spend Your Time Doing Something Else

Why not get a new hobby? Try reading some books, applying for your dream job and aceing the interview, or just getting yourself lost in nature? Having a good hobby can prevent you from spending too much at stores that you don’t need. Before you go to a store, why not spend time at home with your new hobby? It can be just as mentally stimulating, if not more so.

Seek Help!

If you still are having problems with retail therapy, you may want to talk to a counselor about your problems. There may be an underlying reasn why you like spending so much. Finances can wreck your bank account, your marriage, and your sanity. A therapist can help you manage your money. They aren’t accountants, but they can help teach ways you can combat your urge to buy something at the store.

Shopping on occasion is fine, but retail therapy is absolutely no substitute for real therapy. Make sure you are getting the therapy you need and always talk to a counselor whenever possible.

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