How to Increase Brand Awareness


What is the biggest problem for a business? – It isn’t money, pricing or the economy.

If someone doesn’t know who you are, how will they ever invest in or partner with your company. If the market doesn’t know who you are, you’ve lost your business right there. In order to grow as a business, people need to be made aware of your existence, your identity. Grabbing eyeballs (not literally) in the market place should be your number one priority. Networking is THE most important thing in business. If you can get people’s attention, and make them aware about your brand and its product, you’ll surely be earning a lot of business.

It might appear as a very simple concept, but to be honest creating brand awareness is one of the toughest jobs for an entrepreneur or business owner. People no longer pay attention to pop-up ads (in fact they have special ad blockers for their browsers and apps), or wait for the entire ad to play before they can watch their YouTube video (the skip button). Everybody just buries their face into their smartphones, while paying no attention to billboards on the highways. So, what should the companies do in order to get their customers interested? How should they invest their resources in marketing their brand? We bring to you some key strategies that will help you get attention, and spend a little lesser in doing so. Read along.

Your first job is to educate them about your brand. For example, if you run an ecommerce website that sells clothes for men. Now, in order to sell your clothes, you need to learn what questions your customers might ask, and you have to make time to answer those questions. You know what most men search online? Well, Google Keyword Planner suggests that people tend to search “how to tie a tie” about 5 million times a month. Now, that is opportunity!

Your next job is to entertain them. Maybe your target audience doesn’t have so many questions, that you need to post regular blogs. So, you could provide them with content that keeps them entertain for a while. This is another effective way to generate sales. For example, if you are a store that sells dogs, you could post short videos of dogs.

Your last job is to deliver the ultimate service to your customers. If yours is an online portal that sells gifts and toys, make online ordering the smoothest process for them.

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