Guide to Choosing a Proper Micro-Influencer for Your Marketing Campaign

Business campaign

Business campaign

Micro-Influencer marketing is one of those marketing strategies that is gaining immense popularity. But, to get it right there are a lot of things that need to be on point – the right kind of influencer, how to reach out them and how to launch a successful campaign. Here are some tips you may want to use to carry out a great micro-influencer marketing campaign for your brand. Read along to find out more:

  • The first step for any business campaign is to come up with a proper plan and set goals that will help you measure success. You may want to consider some metrics that will help you keep track – campaign reach, followers growth rate, number of mentions on the social media, sales growth, coupon code usage rate, how many repeated customers, etc. It is important to maintain proper statistics, so that you are able to decide whether your campaign really worked out or not.
  • The next step to do is to decide upon a social media platform that will work out for you. For this you will have to consider the kind of audience you are targeting, what kind of content you’ll be posting (whether you want the influencer to post a picture or a video, for a picture Instagram would be better while YouTube can be preferred for the videos), and whether you want to attach a outbound link to your posts. Interestingly, apart from the most popular ones, platforms like and Anchor are also gaining popularity. So, base your decision by considering all possibilities.
  • The next step is the most important part, finding the correct choice of micro-influencer who will be able to project your brand and the products in the best light. You might want to search on different media pages, by typing in keywords that go with your business and use appropriate filters to narrow down your search. Sometimes you don’t even have to search anywhere else, but your followers listing. You could even hire an agency that can help you out with the search and collaboration.
  • While you are picking up your choice, it is important to consider a few more points – whether their content lines up with your company and campaign message, the number of followers they have, how influential they can be for your campaign, how much does your influencer engage with the audience, how often o they post, do they have other collaborations, etc.

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