Great Articles #2

Every now and then I like to share some articles with my readers. I wanted to share some great pieces I have read over the past few weeks that in my opinion, were very informal and interesting. Check them out!


  1. As everyone knows online shoppers recently had to start paying taxes. This article is how Amazon and its tax collection are heading to Florida, leaving Minnesota.
  2. This article discusses great ways to save money on dental care.
  3. Interesting piece on student loans and one writers opinion on the interest rates regarding student loans.
  4. A great article on how millionaires save their money by driving cars till they die.
  5. An article about the costs associated with losing weight and how in certain ways losing weight can cost a lot of money. 

  6. Great Article on how much money one should be choosing to save.
  7. Trading vs. Investing? A great article discussing the differences and which one you should choose to do. 
  8. A great article on mutual fund basics.
  9. A great article on making smart financial decisions! 
  10. Finally, are bank bonuses worth the effort of signing up and joining a bank.


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