Why Good Leaders make you Feel Safe

Good leader

Good leader

A leader is someone who builds a clear vision, does not panic and stays calm during a crisis, is focused towards the end goal and guides and motivates the entire team by empowering them. Leadership is something that is continuously developed over time, through mentoring and staying curious. And it is a good leader that enables all these working and providing a safe environment.  It is in that safe environment that people feel better about themselves, and they feel more appreciated. In such a safe environment all the team members will be able to take more risks work more passionately towards their goal of greatness for the company. The key words are GOOD LEADERS and SAFE. Now, what makes a good leader? Here’s a list of qualities that a good leader needs to lead:

  • Appreciativeness
  • Confidence
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Diligence
  • Fair
  • Flexibility
  • Honesty
  • Impartiality
  • Responsiveness

These are the traits that are needed for a good situational leader.  The way a leader is related to his team members outweighs his/her productivity, performance and other aspects that usually sets them apart and makes them unique. Now what is the difference between a good leader and a poor leader? Good Leaders are resonant; they create psychological safety for people around them; while poor leaders are dissonant and they lack the communication with people around them. There’s a difference between good leaders and most leaders. Most leaders make their employees or team members scared. Usually their purpose is not to scare them, not always. But it still happens. Why we tend to feel safe following a good leader can be described by something called POWER DISTANCE. Everyone relates to power differently. Anytime there is a power relationship between two members, we tend to act different than when we are with a peer. Some of us have a very little concern with people in power and treat them mostly as peers. But most of us are more concerned about power, and treat people in power positions with more deference and tend to follow their command. Powerful people can make stuff happen to all and this confidence quality make others to believe them and relies on them as they feel safe in their guidance. The uniqueness of a person, who can go beyond his/her limit to fight, let the issue be small or big, makes people to believe in them and trust them. Good leaders are inspirational, hopeful, sincere and caring about people of their team. When people pick this up, their senses communicate and hence they create some amazing environment of safety, true performance and realization of potential.

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