Four Great Inexpensive Dates

Couples are always looking for ways to spend time together. The problem for guys is that dates usually cost a lot of money and even though we want to “throw down” for the ladies, sometimes we over-extend our budget trying to please y’all. It’s never pretty when it comes down to these types of conversations. Because I have dealt with this issue personally, I thought of a few good ideas to send out to the masses and hear your thoughts. They may make you come off as a cheapskate, but with the right girl, it’s perfect!

On a side note, in a previous relationship I was in, the girl I was with had very high demands of things I needed to do for her. Some of these were quite expensive requests and at one point, I simply could not afford paying for what she was asking. I tried being reasonable with her and explaining that what she was expecting was a bit much. Inevitably, we had to break up.

The point I am bringing up is sometimes finances can affect relationships and interfere with peoples feelings. These feelings can lead to couples splitting and a lot of feelings being hurt. That is why it’s very important to be open and completely honest about financial issues when they are affecting relationships.

Cooking Classes

I recently signed up for a cooking class through an organization I am part of and I loved it. The class cost me $50 . For this cost, I learned how to make a delicious steak, rice, and stir fry for two people plus I got to eat the food I made. Not only was this a great learning experience, but I got to eat dinner as well. Had I gone out to eat, the meal would have been more expensive and less interactive. I recommend finding a class that recommends food you both want and going for it.

Bike Tour

Some cities have these segway tours which are very expensive. However, usually the same companies that offer the segway tours will also offer bike tours. The nice perk about a Bike Tour is it’s very interactive because you stop a lot to check out sites AND if you bring your own bike, you do not need to pay for a rental from the company. I did this once a few years back and because both of us brought our own bikes, we each paid $25 for a 3-4 hour tour. FYI,  the segway tour cost $95 per person/hour. This might be a great activity to do in the summer with your family depending on where you live.

Real Estate Shopping

This one is a bit strange but I think that if both people are into the idea, it can be a lot of fun. Sundays are usually open house days for people looking to sell their homes. If you happen to rent near an affluent neighborhood and those homes are for sales, chances are they serve some pastries and coffee for breakfast. I recommend going in and taking a look at the home while enjoying a cup of coffee. The homes are beautiful and the owners are expecting people that are not perspective buyers because they would rather have good words spread around about their home. One time after I did this, I tweeted how beautiful the house was and received a few comments on twitter. Free marketing for a cup of coffee and some fun times doing “houseshopping”.

Free Comedy Nights

Some hotels in DC and across the country sponsor these free comedy nights. Essentially, amateur comedians gain publicity by coming out to try their new routines on the masses and hotels make money on the drinks. I found out about these comedy nights because my friend was performing and invited me. I brought along a girl on a third date and the date cost me $11.45. We met each other there and I bought two drinks. At the end, they had a joke competition where one member of the audience would win $25 for the best joke. I tried out one of my jokes and ended up being the funniest one there and more important, I got PAID to go on a date!


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    1. Ha! Thanks for posting. Some of these homes have beautiful artwork as well. I definitely know exactly what I want for my future man-cave.

  1. This is a great post because often times, guys just resort to taking a girl out to a nice dinner and movie, which truly adds up expense-wise. I love your idea of taking cooking classes! It would be fun and very interactive. Can’t get better than that for a date!

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