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I have written a bunch of articles so far regarding dating and cheap dates you can go on. The reason why I write these articles is because I think that expensive dates are silly and if you aren’t the type of person looking to impress a woman, but rather the type of person looking to spend time with one, it would be better to avoid spending tons of money on dates. I also think that men who are spending unreasonable amounts of money on women probably need to reconsider their values and what they are looking for, but that’s not relevant for this discussion.

The article I am referencing essentially argued my point for me. Essentially, since the recession has hit, it’s become “sexier” to date someone who is more stable and frugal with how they spend their money, rather than be with someone who is irresponsible with money. I could not agree more and would even go further to say that it’s essential for any married/engaged/serious couple to approach the topic of saving vs. spending money very seriously. Money is of course a means to an end, however, we use it as a commodity to live and without it, life becomes very difficult.

I strongly encourage all those looking for the right one to never go on expensive dates. Only invest in those that matter 😉

By the way, if you haven’t already read my articles on cheap dates, check out this article, followed by this one 🙂

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