Being Happy

It’s obviously ironic that I chose to write to this title at 4 AM on a Thursday morning but I had some thoughts I wanted to put down.

In life, you can prepare for the worst and still get caught with your pants down. You can simply not prepare for anything and have the greatest time. Overall, life throws all of us into different scenarios where we have opportunities to play or pass. Always having a strategy to deal with what life may or may not throw at you is not the solution. Sometimes human beings need to experience hardships in order to appreciate happiness.

It’s also important to point out that small things can make you happy and make you appreciate the positive things in your life on a much greater level. Take for instance, your car breaks down and you get yelled at work for being late the same day. Obviously that’s rough and no one would be overjoyed to be in either situation let alone both.

Using that same example, Instead of being upset that the car broke down, you could appreciate that the car broke down during the day and not at night. Or that your boss got upset but didn’t fire you. Accepting the good even when there is bad always changes perspectives and helps people deal with bad situations.

I relate this to financial blogging because there are times where it’s very difficult to maintain my blog, however, I am very happy that I have loyal readers keeping up with me and appreciating what I post. The positivity is what keeps me going. 🙂



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