Marriage Finances Part 2

Just a short followup to Monday’s piece about marriage finances. I forgot to add a few small things that me and “P” did as well and wanted people to be aware of what’s up.

Gift Cards for Cash

For our wedding, P and I got many gift cards to many stores. It’s very important to note that stores will give customers cash back for gift cards but they need customers to specifically ask for it. So if for instance, you don’t need anything from Macy because you generally don’t shop there, you can go to the customer service desk and ask for cash in exchange for the gift card.

Many people feel guilty doing this because when someone buys you a present, you almost feel obligated to use it. What I have come to terms with is that the nature of why people give newlyweds presents is to help them get on their feet and get a jumpstart in life. Once you have received the present you are free to do whatever you want with it, and the “gifter” will generally be happy with whatever you decide.

You may ask, why wouldn’t everyone just give cash and let the bride/groom decide. I think most people want to be original and give something that the bride and groom will remember them by. Cash is very general.

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