3 Money Podcasts to Follow Religiously


When you start learning about finances, all the help that you can get is appreciated. Reading books and listening to podcasts is one of the best ways to learn all there is to learn about managing your finances, making smart investments, being aware of the money decisions you make, getting out of debt, paying off loans, filing your taxes – everything under the sun when it comes to finances.


You can listen to podcasts that cover broader financial topics when you are starting out and then start focusing on the ones that revolve around specific advice in the area that you need. When you are learning what you need from another person who knows what they are talking about, it becomes easier to understand.

1. Listen Money Matters

The hosts Andrew Fiebert and Thomas Frank of the podcast Listen Money Matters give solid advice on investment and building wealth – for both new and expert investors alike. Their no BS approach to money matters coupled with a funny way of discussion makes it easier to stay hooked in.

You also get a lot of knowledge on basic money management resources, so even if you are not actively thinking about making investments, you will still find things to learn.

2. Smart Passive Income

While investment is important, I can’t stress enough on how important it has become to have a passive income. Taking advantage of the gig economy is a smart move for anyone who is looking to have more than one income streams.

If you are looking to turn your online side hustle into a passive income stream then Smart Passive Income is the podcast for you. Pat Flynn is the host who has experience doing what you want to learn. He built his own blogging empire – he covers everything from blogging to affiliate marketing. The goal of this blog is to make listeners identify business-building opportunities and leverage their unique skills.

3. Money for the Rest of Us

Investing is a difficult aspect for a lot of youth, we aren’t taught anything about it and then we are expected to make smart decisions. Lord knows how that is supposed to happen. The good thing is that we have podcasts like Money for the Rest of Us to teach us about beginners’ investment and savings tips.

David Stein, the host, is a former investment strategist who breaks down the basics of investment, our financial health, and how to make it work for us. The podcast covers everything from stocks, bonds, investment portfolios to market cycles. The topics are covered in an understandable way considering the target audience are mostly beginners.

Final Thoughts

Finance can be scary, managing it in an efficient manner can be scarier, but the advent of internet has made sure that we have a ton of resources to make the process easier. Podcasts are a great way to learn about concepts you find difficult. It is often like friends and family explaining to you how something works and how you can make the best out of what you have.

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