V-Day: Is it necessary to have a big pocket pinch on this day?

Do you think that it would have been better if 14th never existed in the month of February? At the same time, do you wait to celebrate this special day with your special someone? You don’t have to feel sorry if you think so. There are many people, like you, who have this mixed feeling. However, this year, you can subtract your worries from your enjoyment and only think about the special moments which you’ll spend together, which will stay with you as cherishing memories. How? Have a look at this article to know how to celebrate this V-Day without leaving a hole in your pocket.
Change your mindset – First of all, you need to change your mindset. You don’t have to buy an expensive gift for your valentine or take him/her to a fancy place in order to show how much you love and care. Remember that your valentine will value the attention and time you give him/her, which cannot be purchased with dollars.
Spend the whole day with your valentine – It is said that the greatest gift you can give someone is your ‘time’. So, if you’re usually stretched for time on a daily basis, then on this special day, take out time (if required, take a day’s vacation) and spend the entire day with your special person. Do something which both of you like and enjoy doing and don’t forget to utter the word “I Love You” at least once.
Gift a healthy fruit basket – Instead of buying expensive flowers, this year, try something new. Buy a nice basket and fill it up with colorful fruits which he/she likes. Instead of buying an already assembled basket, pick and choose on your own. A small tip – Buy some unusual fruits such as, lychees, star fruit, cherimoya, dragon fruit, etc. and enjoy savoring the taste together.
Arrange a romantic candle-lit dinner – If you live in a place where you can enjoy outside at this season, then you can arrange a candle-lit dinner at your backyard and give him/her a surprise. You don’t have to order expensive food. You can prepare what you’re good at; just have a nice wine to complement the food. And don’t worry if you can’t cook; this is the opportunity to prepare a home-cooked meal for the first time. The special person in your life will surely love and appreciate your effort to make the day so special. It is one of the best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a frugal way.

Gift common item unusually – It is very common to gift flowers; but, how will you feel if you get a call from the reception at your office that there’s a flower bouquet waiting for you? You’ll be elated – right? So, make your valentine experience this feeling. Moreover, his/her co-workers will appreciate this nice gesture and will increase the significance of your gift, much more. You can watch his/her joy when you meet each other in the evening. It is an excellent gift idea if you have to go to work and cannot spend the entire day with each other.
Make your valentine revisit the past – If your valentine has shared with you where he/she loved to visit as a child, you can secretly take him/her to that place. Just take a walk and ask how he/she is feeling. Do not forget to click pictures so that he/she can keep it as a special memory of this V-Day.
Spend time reminiscing – Make a list of the things both of you have accomplished together as a couple. Now, take out time, sit together and discuss the strengths of each other, the challenges both of you have faced and how you overcame them. It will help you celebrate the depth of your relationship and how both of you enjoy each other’s company.
And, the final idea – Why not make your own Valentine’s Day? That is, if you somehow cannot enjoy on February 14th, why not plan the celebration a day before or after? It will help you celebrate your own V-Day, as you want, at a relatively low cost. And, what matters is not the day, but the time you spend together which will create memories to cherish lifelong.​

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