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Top High Paying Part-Time Jobs in USA

part time job

you use an extra $3000 each month?

For most people, income from a day job is not sufficient to pay bills and also save for retirement. If you are worried about going broke at some point in your twilight years, you should consider earning some extra cash while you are still young.

part time job

it comes to a part-time job, most people get anxious as part-time jobs do not
pay well and are a total waste of time and energy. The purpose of this post is
to make you are aware of the rare part-time jobs that are high-paying.

Here is a list of high paying
part-time jobs in USA.

1. Life coach

coaching is one of the highest paying part-time jobs in the United States as
there are very few coaches who are actually good. If you are someone who has an
educational background in clinical psychology or related studies, you can
consider coaching people online or offline.

Expected income: $100 to $150 an hour

2. Travel agent

A travel agent earns purely from commissions from hotels, airline companies, and resorts. Prospecting is a huge part of this business and you need to be a people-person to become a successful part-time travel agent in America. Income is not fixed as it fluctuates from season to season.

Expected income: Approximately 5 percent of
the gross booking.

3. Hairstylist

should consider working part-time as a hairstylist if you are creative and
would like to work in the booming fashion industry. Parlours and salons hire
stylists and pay them based on their skill and experience level. Moreover, you
can also advertise your services on websites like Craigslist and offer home

Expected income: $30 to $40 per hair cut.

4. Barista

have any education and want to earn more than 15 dollars an hour?

working as a barista in a coffee shop seems like a viable part-time career for
you. Cafes like Starbucks also provide free food and coffee to their employes;
which I feel is a fantastic bargain considering how expensive food preparation

Expected income: $15-$20 an hour

5. Nanny

job of a nanny is great if you are a woman wanting to earn a decent amount of
cash on the side. Especially if you are good with kids/pets.

a nanny is not easy and hence it is also one of the highest paying part-time
jobs. This gig does not need to have any kind of education or training. Just
good reviews and testimonials from previous clients are enough to get you

Expected income: $20 an hour


Be clear with what a part-time job is. A part-time job requires you to work less than 30 hours a week. To get the total benefits of a part-time job, you need to make sure you are earning a decent amount too. Or else that time could be utilized somewhere else.

To apply for a high paying part-time job in USA, you can sign-up on websites like CareerBuilder and FlexJobs. They both are free and trustworthy.

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