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Top 6 Reasons Why you should Teach English in Mexico


is a global language broadly spoken in almost all parts of the world. In some
countries, English is their native language while in others, it’s there is
their second and third language. 
Speaking English as a mode of communication connects people universally;
hence it’s a vital tool for people to develop and enlarge their native
horizons. In Mexico, their geographical placement and close relationship with
the US, has generated great opportunities for English teachers across the
globe. Let’s look at the reasons why you should consider English teaching
opportunities in Mexico.


1. Work visas – Some Latin American countries require a tourist visa for English teaching opportunities, unlike Mexico that processes work visa after accepting the position. The permit allows you to teach English in Mexico and work lawfully with benefits such as accessing the national health care system.

2. Opportunities to interview in-advance – Although some schools in Mexico employ or hire English teachers locally, others will give an interview and offer the teachers the job in advance. If you are planning to travel, Mexico is an excellent choice for your English teaching career without necessarily having the job lined up in advance. 

3. No need for a bachelor’s degree – Mexico is among the few countries with no mandatory requirements of a bachelor’s degree to get a job. If you lack a degree, but you have good command in English language, then you have chances of getting the job. But a degree gives you an edge over others when it comes to securing better-paying professions.

4. Constant hiring
In Mexico, there is an increase in demand for TEFL Certified English teachers;
hence you will never lack the chance to find a teaching job there. You won’t
have a problem traveling abroad since the teaching jobs are in plenty all
through the year with lots of benefits and decent payment packages.

5. Affordability – If it’s your first time in Mexico as an English teacher, your salary will not limit you from living and traveling in Mexico as a local. Your rent and food will be affordable than in other countries like the US or Western Europe. Also, you will be able to manage your lifestyle holistically. Additionally, you will access cheap public transport, and even Uber, for safety and convenience.

6. Opportunity to
discover North America
– As an English foreign
teacher in Mexico, it will be flexible and cheaper for you to travel to the
neighboring countries, have fun and explore their culture.  You can also decide to learn the Spanish
language during your time as an English teacher as you continue exploring

Parting Shot

you want to teach English in Mexico and you lack the traveling means, or you
want to teach while in your native country, you can still achieve your dream by
becoming an online EFL teacher.  However,
before you embark on finding the right platform with good wages and teaching
jobs, you must do a thorough background check. VIPKID is among the best online
language schools where you can find the teaching opportunities.  

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