Top 10 Favorite Articles of the Week

It’s my pleasure to host my first ever top 10 favorite article roll-call. Similar to SportsCenter, my goal here is to label the top 10 best articles I read this week and provide some insight I gained from all of them.

It is pleasure to share and link with these awesome bloggers so with that said here are my top ten articles of the week!

  1. Joanna @ OurFreakingBudget commented how she made a few financial mistakes in her life but demonstrated how much she learned from them. Sometimes, it’s just about not making the same mistake twice! 
  2. Financial Blogger@theFinancialBlogger discussed how he erred on not having important conversations with loved ones in the past and how he is much more open and honest with his finances at this point. Check out the post here.
  3. GirlMeetsDebt@GirlMeetsDebt discussed the positives and negatives of the Canadian Health care system versus the US health care system. Was interesting to hear how our chaps up north are staying healthy, eh?
  4. Becky@RunFunDone shared a delicious granola recipe that I tried and served for some friends at a meal. All of you should try it also!
  5. KK @ Student Debt Survivor wrote a great pieces about marrying into debt and the effect it can have on a relationship. Communication is so important in relationships, especially with finances.
  6. Just@TheFrugalPath shared the 5 worst financial decisions college students can make. Being that I have 2 younger brothers in college and one approaching HS graduation, I desperately wanted to find something to share with them!
  7. Jana @ Daily Money Shot wrote a piece warning High school students about accumulating debt and spending and saving their money carefully. Great Piece.
  8. William@BitetheBulletInvesting wrote about getting over the fear of investing for your future in an excellent piece I shared with my parents, who are still scared of anything other than a CD.
  9. JMoney@Busdgetsaresexy wrote an interesting piece of how to save money every single week. He included some factorial math in the piece but don’t get too intimidated. The math isn’t so hard!
  10. Finally, Brandon@theinsuranceproblog wrote more a math-ish type piece about the rule of 72! Very good find if you’re looking to understand how quickly your investments can double!

I am keeping up with a followup piece starting next week! Have a good weekend!


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    1. Haha funny you mention it but I made it for breakfast last Thursday and finished up the leftovers for dinner! Great minds think (eat) alike ? 😉

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