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Things not to Say at your Workplace

Workplace etiquette

Workplace etiquette

We all need to work at some place or the other so that we are able to earn a living for ourselves. It is definitely after a lot of hard work all month that we are paid at the end. However, there are definitely some things that we must avoid saying at our workplace. This is because the office is a formal setting where your personal life or certain personality traits should not be the topic of discussion and scrutiny. Read ahead to know some of the things not to say at your workplace.

  1. Gossip about other workers: This is one of the worst things that you can do to spoil your reputation on your own. This is because each and worker talks to one another as well. You never know who has been in conversation with who. In fact, the moment you gossip about your co-worker is shows qualities such as jealousy, insecurity and being too judgmental.No employee would want such a worker because the key idea here is to understand that you are all one team and most work for the common goal of the company’s profit. If you have internal issues, the company may face problems.
  2. Make an angry phone call: Never do this. This is because people are always listening. They may pretend to be working, but their ears are open. The moment they see you getting worked up or getting angry on a call, be it your spouse or your client, it will create an impression that you lack patience and tolerance. There are also chances that people try to misuse this weakness against you. Though the workplace is nothing less than a family, you must always remember to keep your guard and never become vulnerable. The key to success is to be diplomatic and just not get too involved.
  3. Lie: Do not cook up stories to make yourself look good. This is one of the most dangerous things anyone can do. You see, you will be meeting your co-workers every day. Thus, if you lie, you will have to remember it all your life. You never know when someone else might make a reference to it and if you are found to be clueless or give another set of facts for the same instance, you lose credibility. In fact, it can get more drastic to the extent that people stop believing you totally. You cannot spoil your relations because you will need them to survive.
  4. Interrupt: You should never speak in between when someone else is trying to make a point. Even if you feel that your points are better and way more accurate, you must wait instead of just cutting in to speak. The workplace is a democratic place where everyone is equal. This is why everyone has the right to speak and put forth their views and ideas. In fact, disagreements should also be stated after someone is done speaking and the way to do it is by raising the hand and asking for permission before speaking, instead of just barging in.

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