Job Interview Tips for Teens

job interview

Your first job is more important than you think. It sets the pace for the rest of your career. People who are lucky to work for a good company right from a young age have a good work ethic instilled in them right from the get-go. These ethics help them become successful later when they venture to run a business and become independent.

job interview

Pre-interview preparations

1. Dress appropriately

This is the most important job interview tip for a teenager. Just because you are a teenager doesn’t mean interviewers are going to be lenient about your looks. Your appearance is very crucial, particularly when you are applying for a social job like a barista or a cashier. However, do not go overboard and wear something outlandish. Basic office wear like trousers and full sleeves shirt would suffice.

2. Arrive half-an-hour early

Most people who arrive late for an interview fail to close the deal. Don’t carry on your high school casual demeanor to your job. A job interview is a serious business meeting where you are given an opportunity to sell your skills. So, arrive half an hour early and get acquainted with the place and people in your new workplace. Start making friends even before you clear your interview.

At the time of the interview

1. Put your smartphone on flight mode

There is nothing wrong with carrying your smartphone to your interview and most interviewers won’t mind if it rings once or twice; while in the interview. But a phone call can throw you off or distract you from the job at hand. This may not seem like a deal but you want to be completely focused on your interview and nothing else. Putting your smartphone on flight mode is an essential tip for teen job seekers.

2. Be confident. Don’t hesitate

I don’t want to generalize and say that most people in their teen years are confident and believe that they can take on the entire world all by themselves. But if you are a confident person, your chances of clearing the interview become way higher than someone who is meek. Even if you are attending a job interview for a passive position like a behind the door clerk or something, being confident in your ability to get the job done is quintessential.

Post-interview follow-up

1. Send a thank-you note

Like any good salesperson, you should do a proper follow-up letting the hiring manager know that you are looking forward to hearing from them and won’t stop unless you close the deal. Sending a thank-you note via email is one of the most appropriate ways to do so. This post by TheMuse has some really good time-proven thank you note templates that you can literally copy and paste for your own use.


To reiterate, a job interview is just like any business meeting where you are expected to maintain certain standards and find solutions to help the other party. Being selfish or arrogant are not the qualities hiring managers are looking for. Any company or establishment needs people who are selfless problem solvers.

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