Guide for the Banking Operations for the First Timers



Banks were made to manage and provide funds to people in need. But with exploding population and multiplicity of banks, there are so many operations of the banks while the number of employees are less. Amidst this chaos when it is your first time to enter into one of them for any simple enquiry, it is often your encounter of rude behaviour or have missed some document or there is a holiday. More or less you tend to hate of going there. So to avoid all this confusion and chaos here is a guide for the first timers to move in the bank and come out happy faces.

  1. Head to the branch having your account: usually even though there are multiple branches of the same bank in the city, the employees simply refuse to do your job if the account is not in that branch. So for the first time you must always head to the branch having your account. You may ask them all the functions that would be possible with the branch near your residence. But if its something apart from general enquiry, the branch having your account is the best place to go. You will never come out regretting.
  2. Timings are extremely very important: for banks you need to be serious of the timings. Due to work load, the employees tend to take away extra time from their expected break time. So be sure to strictly follow the timings. You cant predict the time required for your job to be done so make sure you reach at least an hour before their break time.
  3. Read, observe, learn: A bank is a public place without any reception area so it is only notices and your observations that could make you aware of the operations. So one must read few important things like the working hours, the off days, the documents required for a particular transaction or anything, etc. The guard sitting near the entrance could be the best person to ask for doubts if any.
  4. Take everything you have: When there is something apart from basic transactions, you must take the passbook, id proof, address proof, a couple of photos, few stamps and every other document you think you have for the process to get completed in a shorter while. It is generally that people don’t bring relevant documents with them that keeps their work pending. So take everything!
  5. Avoid middlemen: There are those people who offer their advice even after not asking. They tend to poke their nose everywhere. So try avoiding them as they will take the reigns in their hand and will keep you waiting for the thing which you could manage yourself pretty easily. So learn, ask and do it yourself.
  6. Have buffer time: Whenever you visit a bank, always go when you have ample time to spend there waiting for your turn to come. Also the concerned person might be on leave, so always have a buffer time. You shouldn’t hit straight at the bank if you have a meeting after certain time. In 70% of the times, you wont be able to make it on time.

Hopefully these simple tips would save all the hassle going to the banks and get your jobs done always on time.

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