Get Paid to Get Your Car Towed

Before I explain this story of painful redemption, I need to provide the readers with some background information. About 2 years ago, I joined a gym across the street from my work. It’s convenient, has great amenities, and has parking. My office pays for me to commute via metro so it makes little to no sense for me to drive.  I gain some exercise from all the walking I am doing, and my monthly gas expenses all come from my weekend travels.

The only time I need to use my car is when I go home to see my parents for the weekend. When this happens, what I usually do is drive my car to the parking garage near my work.

This past Friday, I moved my car to the gym’s parking lot and spent time working out. After my workout, I went on a short jog outside the gym and when I came back, it was to my dismay that my car was missing. I found a sign close to wear my car was originally parked which said, “PARKING FOR MEMBERS OF GYM ONLY, IF TOWED PLEASE CALL XXX-XXXX”.

I was furious. I was a paying member of this gym and my car was towed while I was using their services. I called this number and they told me that my car was sitting in a lot approximately 35 minutes away. This made me even more upset because going to collect my car and making it to parent’s house at a reasonable time was an added inconvenience that I had not expected.

I used both metro/cab service and got to the towing lot and my bill was $175! Not only was this towing unnecessary based on what I specified earlier, but it  also turned out to be super expensive.

The following Monday, I went into the gym and spoke with the general manager very frankly. I told her a few things:

  1. I was a paying member of the gym and having my car towed did not make me feel like one.
  2. I was using the gym at the time my car was getting towed.
  3. This expense was not my fault and the gym should repay me.

After a few proposals, she agreed to compensate me 4 months of gym membership. Each month translates to $120, so 4 months of gym membership would total $480. My costs were $175 plus commuting to get my car towed so add in an extra 50 assuming a limo was driving me to the towing lot and I still made close to $200 getting my car towed.

Bottom line: Always argue and save receipts when you think you are right as a consumer. Your expenses may turn into capital gains 🙂

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  1. This story is really silly. You are really lucky to have gotten your car back… stop bragging about making money off a gym…

  2. It sounds like you made it out of that situation pretty well off, even though it was pretty inconvenient. I wish I could end up coming ahead in terms of money if my car ends up getting towed. I’d certainly be much more okay with being towed in the first place.

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