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Everything You Need to Know about Google Glass Smart Eyewear

Google glass

Google glass

A device that features everything that a mobile phone provide, record things every moment so that we do not miss the perfect moment that we missed to capture through a camera. Yes, Google Glass is the device that comes with these features. Google glass is a wearable device that is fully voice controlled and is connected to your android device. This resembles to a pair of normal eyeglasses but this displays information in the area or field of the user’s vision. The experience provided by this smart eyewear is the augmented reality experience and this is done by using visual, audio and GPS location related information that will in turn provide the relevant information for the user to proceed further without looking at their mobile phone. This is really a great device and provides vast information which makes a user’s experience great. This is provided with a touchpad with is located on its frame for controlling the device. Voice commands can also be used to control the device and make it do things. For example, a passenger entering an airport will get all the information regarding the flight displays in the field of his or her vision. This device also comes with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This glass also come equipped with a 5 megapixel camera with 720p video recording. It also provides 16 gigabyte of total storage memory out of which 12 gigabyte is usable and the battery life lasts about a day with normal use of the features. To take a photo using the camera we simply need to give voice command “take a picture” and the shutter will click a picture. It is also designed to take phone calls and send text messages, all with the voice commands. This revolutionary device is not available commercial to buy in the market because of the various criticism cases faced by the device and its developers. It is only available to beta testers who are the explorers and it comes with a marked price of $1500 plus tax. People around the beta tester who did not wish to be recorded in the public places put forward these criticism cases. But Google in response released some Google Glass Myths to counter the concerns. This explained glass is not always on and record everything. And also the video recording is limited to 10 seconds and all day recording will drain the battery in 45 minutes which explains glass is not always on. In spite of the allegations Google Glass is a great innovation and will soon be available commercially also.

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