Carnival Submission

The fundamentals of making money are very simple; in order to make money, you must be providing a service or selling a good that other’s want to buy. If you’re not offering that service, no one will buy your product. That’s how me and my business partner came about our latest business idea.

As most of my readers know, I started my blog “Financial Nerd” a few months ago and it has been great. I’ve been able to share some of my awesome money saving/invest business ideas and I’ve had a good share of followers check out my blog. I wanted more readers to read my blog and appreciate some of the insights that I was offering to others. And as other bloggers know, the hardest part of starting a blog is getting followers. That’s when I discovered carnivals. Carnivals are really useful because they essentially help you market your blog out on other sites.

Carnival Submission

As most bloggers know, applying to be in carnivals is very tedious and requires a lot of time in submitting information to the ones that even post articles related to the one you wrote. My first time applying for a carnival, I spent nearly an hour submitting my information to each carnival.

Below is a list of carnivals that I applied to for those looking to get into what carnivals are.

List of Carnivals

Count Carnival Host Blog
1 Aspiring Blogger Financial Carnival
2 Carnival of MoneyPros
3 Yakezie Carnival
4 Carnival of Retirement
5 Finance Carnival for Young Adults
6 Lifestyle Carnival
7 Carnival of Financial Independence
8 Carnival of Tortoise Banker
9 Carnival of Financial Camaraderie
10 Carnival of Financial Planning
11 The Money Mail Carnival
12 Carnival of Investing
13 Carnival of Wealth
14 Cavalcade of Risk
15 Carnival of Passive Investing
16 The Wealth Builder Carnival
17 Tax Carnival Ecstasy
18 Carnival of Personal Finance
19 work life balance and goal setting
20 Festival of Frugality


If you’re looking to get into financial blogging and want more publicity for your posts, then apply to carnivals. They are fun and provide great opportunities to market your blog and you can find other great bloggers that post interesting pieces on financial topics. Till next time.



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  1. Blog carnivals are an awesome way to get free back links to your site. Think of all the guest posts you’d have to write to achieve the same number of back links back to all your articles.

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