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6 Jobs That Didn’t Exist Ten Years Ago


Gone are the days when people used to suit up in the morning and
head straight to their offices. For the last 10 years, due to the advancement
of technology, numerous new job profiles have come up. Technology has not only
revamped the way tech companies function but has also impacted other industries
like fitness, real estate, health, and many more. Needless to say, this change
has led to the creation of job profiles, unheard of 10 years ago. 

Here are the 6 jobs
that didn’t exist ten years ago

1. Podcast Producer

podcast producer

Joe Rogan started his podcast almost 10 years ago. It took him nearly 6 years to earn a dollar from it. So, you can imagine how mysterious the word “podcast” might have sounded back then. A Podcast Producer is a person responsible to record and upload a podcast. They do everything from editing audio and video files to handing behind the scene interactions.

2. Uber Driver

Uber is a cab company founded in March 2009 in San Francisco,
California, United States. Before Uber arrived at the scene, cities all over
the world were flooded with yellow taxis driven by self-employed people. After
Uber’s arrival, many such drivers joined the company as a cab driver and the
job title “Uber Driver” came into existence. Besides, smartphone
usage was minimal 10 years ago. 

3. Zumba Instructor

According to Neuvoo, the average salary of a Zumba Instructor is $48,750 per year. That is if they work at a gym as a full-time employee. Although Zumba was founded in the 90s, it was only popular in some parts of Brazil. And was performed as traditional dance. This job did not exist until the year 2010 when gyms started integrating Zumba to the regular workout routine of a member. 

4. Mobile App Developer

You will be surprised to learn that the first mobile app was developed in the year 1993. The R&D department of IBM made this impossible task possible. Although, mobiles apps did not go mainstream until the year 2011. This was the year when Android launched its first version “Ice Cream Sandwich”. Since then, the job profile “Mobile App Developer” has become common in the tech industry.

5. Drone Pilot


A Drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle without a human pilot
onboard. The drone I am referring to is small UAVs used to capture video or
survey a particular landscape. A drone pilot is a person trained in the art of
controlling this device and also the fundamentals of videography. A drone
company hires a pilot who works for clients like real estate agents, insurance
firms and construction companies.

6. Vlogger

Vlogging was first invented by the amateur filmmaker Casey
Neistat in the year 2015. Before Neistat’s first Vlog(meaning, video blog) on
YouTube, people still uploaded talking head videos but they were not called by
the name vlog and nor was the term vlogger prevalent. For the last 4 years,
millions of people from all over the world have made Vlogging on YouTube their
main profession.


Except for a few, most of the new job profiles are not as solid and reliable. An app developer having expertise in a certain framework could lose his/her job if the company decided to switch to a better one. New jobs require you to learn and evolve regularly. There is no room for stagnation.

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