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5 Ways to Save Money on Coffee


It’s amazing how many people I speak to who also love drinking coffee. Coffee is pretty much the universal alarm clock and some people can be very particular regarding the types of coffee they drink on a daily basis. Here are five easy ways to save money on your daily cup of coffee:


Do you realize how much money you spend a year at places like Seattle’s Best and Starbucks? I checked on my Mint account and last year I spent nearly $400 at cafes. LivingSocial/Groupon always offer promos for Starbucks coffee and websites like coupons.com usually have discounts too.


Many Starbucks offer refills on all drinks for approximately 55 cents! If your morning coffee costs $4.45 and you got a refill, it would only cost $2.50/cup. This is much more reasonable than $4.45 for a cup.

Also, Starbucks’ gold card reward system has two great perks:

1) Gives you free 10th drinks.

2) Ensures all your refills are free.

These are just important points to consider when paying for that expensive cup in the morning.


Keurig coffee machines cost anywhere from $50-$100 and you can buy packages of 100 K-cups at Costco for about $30. Assuming you drink 1 cup of coffee a day, you would only need 4 packages of K cups from Costco per year. In total, you’d only be spending $120 a year on coffee in addition to the cost of the Keurig machine. For coffee enthusiasts, Keurig coffee is great because it’s cheaper than Starbucks and can be made at ones home at any time.

Free Company Coffee

A lot of companies provide free coffee to their employees on a regular basis. Many studies have shown that employee productivity improves with caffeine, so it is in a company’s best interest to have its employees caffeinated. If your company doesn’t offer free coffee, go to your Human Resources department and discuss with them the positive aspects of giving out free coffee and the productivity it could generate from the employees.


Due to the economic recession, banks are giving out freebies to lure potential customers into borrowing money. If you work near a bank, go in and get a free cup. It may be slightly awkward, especially if you don’t even use the banks’ services, however, the banks realize this and usually give it to whoever asks.

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  1. I don’t drink coffee at all–I can’t stand the way it smells or tastes. But my mother and mother-in-law drink gallons of it. We bought them both Keurigs and, despite the cost of the K-cups, I know they’re saving money that way. Makes me feel a little bit better.

    • Thanks for posting! K Cups are the way to go. I recently bought 80 K cups on Amazon for 30 bucks. I don’t really mind the taste of coffee and find that all coffee types taste the same!

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