5 Reasons Millennials should consider Life Insurance

life insurance

It is a great time to be a youngster with so many new opportunities coming up each day. However, investing your time and money in these opportunities can be taxing on the mind and body.

life insurance

A lot of millennials feel the stress and anxiety that comes with taking financial risk. You can unburden yourself by applying for a life insurance plan that will cover up your expenses if things don’t go as planned. A life insurance policy will not only make you feel secure but will also provide a lot of security to your family.

Here are 5 reasons millennials should consider life insurance as a backup plan for future unexpected events.

1) It’s cheap and easy to get

Life insurance companies prefer candidates who are young and healthy. They do provide life insurance to older candidates too but at a high price. You should consider applying for life insurance as soon as possible. The premiums for younger and healthier individuals is very low. So why not take advantage of this fact and make your life more secure and peaceful right away.

2) To clear your student debt

The average student debt in America is $38,390. Some students have also borrowed  $100,000 from banks. It is always advised by finance experts to clear your student loan as early as possible.

Even if it means working twice as harder at your job or business.

If the unexpected should happen and you pass away before clearing the student loan, the burden of clearing it will be passed onto your parents or marriage partner. However, this also depends on the terms and conditions set by the private loan company.

Why put someone in such a predicament? It is better to get life insurance that will take care of your debt in case of such an untimely event.

3) Your employer does not provide the benefits that you need.

Most of the employers provide a life insurance policy with limited coverage to their employees. This policy may not be as foolproof as secure coverage provided by independent insurance.

So, you need to read or re-read your company offered a life insurance policy and make a quick decision whether you need independent insurance or not. Also, in case your company shuts down or you lose your job the independent insurance will come to your rescue and provide the much-needed financial support.

4) It makes you feel secure

Most millennials work at jobs that don’t offer secured coverage. Also, the idea of starting their own business or working them themselves is always at the forefront of every millennial’s mind.

This is great for your self-esteem but also brings a lot of unwanted thoughts and feelings along with it. It makes you feel insecure all the time. So, getting life insurance at an early age can shut the feeling of insecurity forever.

5) The application process is hassle-free

Now you can apply for life insurance online without any paperwork. Some companies don’t even ask you to take a medical test. They have made the process lightning fast. So, getting life insurance has become as easy as ordering products from your favorite online stores. 

Companies like Ethos let you finish the sign-up procedure within 10 minutes. You don’t have to deal with annoying salespeople trying to pitch you more products.


Along with the points mentioned above, there are plenty of more reasons to get life insurance. Every insurance company has something unique to offer. So, choose your life insurance carefully and diligently. Also, don’t miss your chance to get in early!  

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