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US discusses gas supplies to EU with energy companies in case of Russian aggression – Reuters

The US has held talks with a number of international energy companies about plans to supply gas to Europe in the event of “unforeseen circumstances” – a possible Russian invasion of Ukraine that would disrupt Russian supplies. This is reported Reuters citing sources in the US government and energy companies.

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The EU is about a third dependent on gas supplies from the Russian Federation, and US sanctions in connection with the potential aggression of the Kremlin could disrupt these supplies.

“State Department officials have reached out to companies to ask where additional supplies might come from… The companies told U.S. government officials that global gas supplies are limited and that there is little gas available to replace the large volumes from Russia,” the journalists write at the same time. specifying that the State Department did not ask the companies to increase production volumes.

At the same time, Washington was interested in whether “there is an opportunity for companies to increase exports and, if necessary, postpone maintenance on the ground.” The State Department’s discussions with energy companies were led by senior energy security adviser Amos Hochstein, the newspaper notes.

“We have discussed a number of contingencies and discussed everything we are doing with our national partners and allies. We have done this with the European Commission, but we have also done this with energy companies. It is safe to say that we have spoken to them about our concerns and talked to them about a number of unforeseen circumstances,” a senior US State Department official said.

The US National Security Council did not comment on these negotiations, but said that the assessment of potential risks is “good management and standard practice.”

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