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Make and Sell: Profiting from your DIY Ideas Online

online DIY ideas

online DIY ideas

Do it yourself! Now a days there is nothing that you cannot do on your own in your own backyard itself. But at the same instant you can also earn from it and make profits. That is motivating enough to start selling your own idea, isn’t it?

Don’t have an idea? Not at all an issue!

Have an idea but don’t how and where to sell them?

All your solutions are right here.


  • Printables

In the increasingly hectic schedules people have these days, a printable is a saviour. It helps in organising your stuff. You can use it note stuff down or your daily routine or your shopping list, anything. They are not at all difficult to make and the best part is that people are willing to buy them too! You can put it up in Etsy.

  • Tote bags

Creative and eco friendly tote bags can be easily made from used cloth material or other things which can be found anywhere. They can be customised according to the needs of the customer. This can act as a huge crowd puller. Moreover they are affordable too. So pricing won’t be an issue.

  • Rope bowls

This is an elegant and easy to make home decor article. You just have to glue layers of rope together and voila, your basket will be ready. It is as easy to make as difficult it sounds. Rope can be of any material, be it jute or synthentic. Use different types and colours of rope to make the basket interesting. These baskets can be used as articles of home decor or as a fruits basket. They can be used to keep anything from fruits, napkins to breads and accessories.

  • Pillow covers

Pillow covers can be made from old and used clothes that you give up for donation. Various dress materials, jeans, tops and t-shirts can be combined to give a funky look to the pillow cover.

  • Notepad from cerela boxes

Continuing on the theme of recycling stuff, this article too is an easy 15-20 minute craft which can be sold in huge numbers online and offline through craft fairs and shops. Use the empty carton of cereal box to make the cove of the notepad. Cut it into the required size. Make a paper bundle from files and registers and cut them too in the required size. Stick it all together from one end and let it dry. After a few minute your cereal box notepad will be ready to use. Now use you may use it for your own use or sell it on Etsy, eBay or craft fairs.

  • Homemade jar candles

The beauty of candle light is unmatchable! But the price of candles available commercially may give you a shock and make you resort back to the dull and boring led lights. But do you know that you can make those majestic candles yourself sitting right in your sofa set in under ten minutes. All you need is an empty jar and soya wax. Melt the wax to a clear liquid in microwave. Add a crayon if you wish to make colorful candles. It will melt along with the wax. Take the wick and wrap it around a pencil and balance on top of the jar. Now pour the wax and let it cool in room temperature. Refrigeration may cause the candle to crack. Now you can use this candle for yourself or even sell it at a higher price!

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