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Cutting Down Risks by Taking On a Side Hustle

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Yes, you read the title right. 

No, I didn’t mean to say that venturing out to develop a side hustle means taking undue risks.

If you think that sticking to a day job – a job that barely pays for your existence – is low risk, then you’re wrong. It’s exactly the opposite, to tell you the truth. By not venturing out and testing the waters, you lose out on the opportunity to discover new skill sets that could provide you with financial independence, a high-quality lifestyle, and mental wellbeing. 

side gig

People think that a job is their safe bet because it brings certainty. Predictability makes us feel safe, which is why people stay with their jobs even though they do not want to. Nobody wants to go through the process of getting another job if it means that they wouldn’t get one easily. People are scared to switch jobs, no wonder they are terrified of starting their own business.

I know starting a business from scratch isn’t an easy thing to do, and to be honest, not everyone can do it. That is why I am not telling you to drop everything and start a business, no, far from it. I am telling you to take the middle ground here.

A side hustle helps you discover that side of yourself, the one that can surprise you, without losing out on the safety net of your day job. Even if it doesn’t add any substantial financial value in the beginning, it will provide you with a whole new level of confidence that can empower the entrepreneur in you.

Even if your venture fails, you still have your job. That failure will teach you a lot more about yourself than the mundane tasks of everyday will. If and when one of your ventures succeed, you will have some extra income for yourself, and you can slowly grow it into a proper business.

The gig economy is ever-growing, you never know you might even be able to turn your side hustle into your main business, and then will be able to quit your job without worrying about the safety net of your income. Now, you will be your boss, and your business is what will bring you income.

By staying in a job you do not like and doing nothing about it, you are taking a much bigger risk of letting your life go downhill. Many people lose the meaning of life and their purpose because they give up on their dreams. Instead of giving up on your dreams, try doing something about it while you pay your bills with your job.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, you do not even have to hate your job to start out a side hustle. A side business option is a gift from yourself to your future self because eventually, you will generate a second source of income. In these competitive times, relying on just one source of income isn’t a smart move. Think about it, it will all start making sense.

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